• Mel B. Cook

Innovation Is Necessary

In the words of Brene` Brown, you don’t get innovation without courage and vulnerability. A culture that thrives is where people aren’t afraid to make mistakes and take risks. Have you established a culture where your team is okay with making critical decisions and thinking outside of the box? Do they act courageously and are they comfortable with being vulnerable? If not, then don’t expect your business to operate at the top of its game.

Calendar year 2020 was a year for the books. It stretched professionals across every industry to move outside the box and develop new ways to serve clients. Moreover, to seek ways to collaborate, stay connected, and provide traditional duties in non-traditional settings. Also, it required leaders to admit what they didn’t know and empower their teams to make decisions and to make them quickly.

Many companies were pleasantly surprised that their teams were able to develop innovative solutions that allowed them to excel in uncertain times. Living through a global pandemic was new to most of us, so we were forced to be honest, transparent, and vulnerable. We were pushed to make dynamic changes and quickly adapt to an ever-changing environment. As a result, we needed our entire team to put their talents to use. We gave them the fuel they needed to think outside the box and propose a variety of ideas without judgment. We were vulnerable and courageous enough to say we didn’t have all of the answers and they responded with ideas that blew our minds. From auto dealerships reporting record-breaking sales and Chick-fil-A serving a record number of customers innovation was all around us. Most businesses suffered an immediate loss, but the recovery was based on innovation.

Innovation isn’t just important during trying times. Innovation is a key component in any business if it’s expected to excel. Innovation makes it possible to advance in the market, identify new opportunities, and maximize your profits. During a Masterclass interview, Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO said, the following: “Innovation must be disruptive. And by disruptive, I mean disruptive. You gotta fracture and break the rules and disrupt.” The well-known CEO understands the power of serving the basics in a way that feels cutting edge and leaves customers coming back for more.

Your executive team might be smart, creative, and well-versed. Nevertheless, the best ideas won’t originate from your C-suite. Innovation requires the entire team to get involved, be empowered, and take risks. However, that starts with courageousness and vulnerability. Here are 6 simple ways you can B.E. R.A.R.E. to remain courageous and vulnerable:

Be Bold.

Be Engaging.

Be Real.

Be Accountable.

Be Relational.

Be Empathetic.

Courageousness and vulnerability may be hard. However, it must be practiced If you expect innovation, which is the critical to your companies ability to increase your market share, efficiency, and profits. Moreover, to identify new opportunities that will develop a cutting-edge culture who is willing to take the necessary risks to support longevity and sustainability.

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