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Grow and Live Optimally Well: The Glow RX

GLOW... to shine bright like a diamond but the origin of that shine doesn’t come from facial products and creams, instead it radiates from the inside. My TRUE desire is for every person to G.L.O.W. (Grow & Live Optimally Well). Funny thing about that light is that there are times in life when that light can be dimmed or flat out snuffed out.

Through my own pruning experience, I’d once lost my glow, my identity… I lost myself and as a result, I even began to sacrifice my health…NOT GOOD! So, one day I had to make a choice to choose me above all else and it wasn’t the easy thing to do but eventually I did and never looked back.

So was born, my book, G.L.O.W. Rx (Grow and Live Optimally Well): Your Practical Guide to Releasing Your Inhibitions, Finding Your Purpose, and Living Free, Healthy, & Whole; and subsequently my proprietary G.L.O.W. Rx Transformation System. This program focuses on helping corporate executive women and men to strengthen their 4 pillars of health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).

This is done via a framework that creates a WHOLE person out of fragmented pieces who can live authentically and freely in who they are EVERY DAY. It’s about being fully complete in who you are; The good, the bad, the indifferent and loving every part of you as you grow and improve to be the BEST version of yourself.

I think that’s what most of us strive to do anyway but oftentimes, we just don’t know how. I mean, how often have you gotten caught up in the expectation of others and lost YOU? Not knowing how is no longer a good enough reason to simply exist as you are. Choosing to take the ultimate journey to self-healing and self-love is the only way to truly maximize your life.

Pillars of Health

The physical pillar is built around addressing your physical needs in terms of nutrition, activity, sleep, etc. Here’s the deal, the basics of health and wellness are often the same but the specifics are unique to each individual. This is why two people can embark upon the same health path and yield very different results. Life is multi-faceted and thus requires a multi-faceted approach. The key and the challenge is finding the language your body speaks so that it can be successful.

The emotional pillar, like the others, is directly linked to the physical pillar. How you feel can affect how you show up in the world. Emotional health refers to your awareness. How aware are you of your feelings and emotions AND how well do you manage them? A number of people can give a thumbs up for the first clause but the second is where it gets interesting. Being able to effectively manage and express your feelings and emotions is integral to your health and success so we walk through that. We take that journey to uncover the layers so that you are able to heal and subsequently thrive.

The mental pillar can be a hefty one but it is essential. Mental health is vital to a peaceful existence on this earth. It works hand in hand with our emotional ability to navigate through the stresses of life. No matter who you are, stress will come to you. How it comes may not always be in your control but how you manage and respond to it is. Mentally, it’s about conquering fears and removing the boulders in our lives that sometimes block us from being healed and whole. It resonates around choosing peace and learning how to choose it every day.

The last pillar is spiritual. This is about living soulfully and finding your voice and learning when to use it. I’ve found that people can carry with them spiritual baggage that over time can change who they are, how they show up in the world and in some cases, how they feel when they do show up. Because I am a believer, how I follow Christ plays a huge role in who I am on a spiritual level. My own faith is woven into how I live and serve.

While many may hear, spiritual health and automatically think about religion; Spiritual health in itself is independent of religion and instead seeks to mark out how mindful we live our lives allowing us to answer the questions like, How intentional are you? How are you showing up for those around you? Or what foundation are your values centered around when it comes to how you live your life and interact with others?

Taking this journey of self discovery is one that will ignite a G.L.O.W. in you that has the ability to change and improve your life, your relationships, your existence. Simply put, it’s transformative and in a world that is emotionally starved and socially propelled, it’s easy to become emasculated or even invisible while trying to keep up with the perpetual “Jones’”.

All too often, the most unfortunate by-product is passing these unhealthy traits down to our children who model what they see. God gave me this program while taking my own journey and now I’m helping others to do the same. It can be scary and uncomfortable and it requires vulnerability and honesty with yourself but if you can simply take the first step then all you have to do is take another...and then another...and then another to achieve your G.L.O.W. Are you ready to take the first step? I'm with you...you can do it...let's go!

I want to invite you to join our free GHealth call every 1st Tuesday at 7pm EST. It’s where you can come to learn and discuss various health topics to ensure that you are truly living whole, well, and free. Bring your questions and I’ll see you there!

Looking forward to serving you. It’s WHOLE Health for your WHOLE self.

Love & Blessings!

Dr. Nicole

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