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You’re not going to get things in life from wishing or dreaming for it. You need to take action to see results. You don’t get to the next level doing everything by yourself…it takes a team, a community of supporters to lift you from average to GREAT.



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SEPTEMBER 2-4, 2020



Success: Most people want what it looks like, but they don’t what it feels like.


Kendall Ficklin has felt it all. From depths of alcoholism and addiction to digging his way out of bankruptcy, he has peeled away decades of living a poor lifestyle to emerge a triumphant man. Kendall is now a thriving entrepreneur, sought after coach, nationally recognized speaker, as well as a published author who runs three companies.


Before regaining control of his life, Kendall was admittedly a broken man. “I just didn’t care,” he said. “I’m not saying I was suicidal, but even when doctors thought I had cancer, I really just didn’t care if I checked out.” 


Kendall had been living in a deep state of depression for years without knowing it. He’d grown up in a home with little structure and no sense of responsibility. His father was an alcoholic, and despite having two parents that worked, Kendall often went without basic utilities being turned on. Those bad habits followed him into adulthood where he sold drugs, lived an impulsive fast life, and developed a horrible relationship with himself, which eventually lead to becoming an alcoholic who went bankrupt.


In 2011, things spiraled out of control, and Kendall found himself in the belly of the beast. He was an addict. He wasn’t living up to his responsibilities as a husband and father and soon began having major health problems. By then, he’d become a legitimate entrepreneur and own several barbershops, but his life came to a head when he passed out in his shop while cutting hair. Not long after, he collapsed again at home.


“I saw my son crying, and I had no control of my body. That was one of the scariest moments of my life,” Kendall concedes. It was on the way to the hospital after passing out the second time that he decided to change his life. Kendall was no longer willing to drown his pain in alcohol. He was ready to abandon the man that he was and fight for the man he knew he could be. He was ready to do whatever it took to grow, and mature, to regain his dignity and make up for the years he’d let slip by due to neglect.


Kendall gave up his addiction for an obsession with success. He now travels the country inspiring thousands of people through his seminars and training programs. His work has touched the lives of people from all walks of life, from professional athletes to hedge fund managers to students. Some of his clients include the NFL, Delta, Home Depot, WNBA, Arby’s, and PepsiCo., to name a few.


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This incredible journey started off as his thing. Who knew it would expand my perspective as a partner, companion, wife and mother. I knew nothing about entrepreneurship. I was in Corporate America for 20+ years and I liked the idea of being safe. However, my husband had a vision for himself, our family, and our relationship. Although I preferred to support him from the bleachers, I quickly realized he needed me on the sidelines and so did I. It allowed me to gain a clear understanding of our path and together we were able to develop a plan to achieve the unthinkable.


The birth of GWOMEN was his idea. However, this journey has taught me that women need a safe space to exchange thoughts, ideas, and emotions. A space where we can support our ambitious partners but maintain our own identity, goals, and ambitions. A space where we remind each other not to get lost in the expectations of others and keep our dreams on the forefront. As a result, we have GWOMEN. A community where goal driven women create a healthy rhythm to thrive in life and business.

We take a different approach to success.  It involves a series of group coaching sessions with Kendall Ficklin, community discussion groups, access to live Q&A’s and other tools and resources that you can use to help transform your life and business.  The question is not whether this program will help you create extraordinary results. That’s a guarantee.

The question is will you believe in yourself enough to take consistent action?

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